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WWOOF Serbia 0033

Zagubica, Serbia

The first BioBre camp for children will be from 23rd untill 30th of august! We invite people to come and help ...


WWOOF Serbia 0029

Slanci, Serbia

The first community garden in Serbia. Close to the big city but still a peaceful rural surrounding. At the mom...


WWOOF Serbia 0014

Novi Sad-Čortanovci, Serbia

We are the owners of a village house that is also a vegetarian/vegan friendly pension. We have an small organi...


WWOOF Serbia 0031

Kosjeric, Serbia

we are family:with baby girl 3yrs,7yrs boy,myself(40),dad(33) and we came from capital city 7years ago to work...


WWOOF Serbia 0020

Sokobanja-Vrmdža, Serbia

We are a group of people who left city life and moved to this beautiful village at the foot of the Rtanj mount...


WWOOF Serbia 0017

Zrenjanin-Jaša Tomić, Serbia

I am a 78 years old woman, my children and my grand-children live in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade and come ...


WWOOF Serbia 0083

Glozan, Serbia

My name is Jelena. I launched my organic farm on my own and I’am now running it with pretty much success. I ...


WWOOF Serbia 0050

Belgrade, Serbia

Eko Selo "Čarobna Šuma" has been founded by 4 families in mutual effort to build fully sustainable family fo...


WWOOF Serbia 0036

Pirot, Serbia

Making better life for Youth. Care about ecology.


WWOOF Serbia 0045

Indjija, Serbia

We are family of six living peacefull life in beautiful village on Danube river between two bigest cities in S...


WWOOF Serbia 0008

Kikinda, Serbia

We are family which started to grow organic vegetables in 2004. Some of our vegetables we sell on markets. We ...


WWOOF Serbia 0006

Beograd, Serbia

I’m a former WWOOFer living on a small estate in a family house, combined with an apartment in the city. Occ...


WWOOF Serbia 0073

Belgrade, Serbia

We are young community in mountains in Eastern Serbia, living and learning to live in nature.


WWOOF Serbia 0026

Zaječar, Serbia

A small family living in an eco village somewhat away from the main village, surronuded with nature and animal...


WWOOF Serbia 0074

Arandjelovac, Serbia

Forest queen is small strawberry field managed by four enthusiastic young people who attempt to develope organ...


WWOOF Serbia 0038

Šajkaš, Serbia

Bavimo se proizvodnjom organskog voća i povrća We are producing organic fruits and vegetables.


WWOOF Serbia 0015

Gornji Milanovac-Brezovica, Serbia

The oldest ecological and art commune in Balkans.4. First of all, we try to keep our environment clean, as muc...


WWOOF Serbia 0021

Beograd-Meljak, Serbia

Association for homeless Children and Biodynamic Agriculture We do Socialtherapy (kids from Serbia and Switze...


WWOOF Serbia 0070

nakovo, Serbia

Greenhouse production of vegetables and flowers.Bean production watermelon and fruits.


WWOOF Serbia 0057


Dear Nature Lovers, I'm waiting for you in my farm were i learn and continue to understand the natural environ...


WWOOF Serbia 0084

Vladimirci, Serbia

Our Ethno villiga is still in early stage. We hope to make a old way place for people to enjoy in it. Back to ...


WWOOF Serbia 0018

Vršac, Serbia

We are a family that has a small biodynamic farm.


WWOOF Serbia 0023

Erdevik, Serbia

Family of four, two boys 13 and 15, parents with artistic and building background. Boys into fishing, football...


WWOOF Serbia 0005

Kuzmin, Serbia

We are family growing almost all kinds of vegetables. We have some plumb and apricot trees, as well as nuts. W...


WWOOF Serbia 0007

Kanjiža-Orom, Serbia

We are family: husband and wife with four children. We grow over forty organic cultures which we process, pack...


WWOOF Serbia 0049

Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Started with work 2010 as-- Although I born in Belgrade I decided to make organic production to produce organi...


WWOOF Serbia 0054

Osnić, Serbia

Prvo permakulturno naselje u Srbiji, u prvoj fazi izgradnje.


WWOOF Serbia 0051

Beograd, Aranđelovac, Vranje, Serbia

Pokretno pčelarsko gazdinstvo: U sezoni smo stalno na toškovima. Pokretnim pčelinjakom obilazimo oblasti a...


WWOOF Serbia 0040


A small, developing organic farm in Eastern Serbia. Crop, vegetable and mushroom production. So far, no animal...